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Terjemahan Lirik Shattersphere - All Lyrics From The CD Shattersphere

—–Lost In The Flames

No God can save you now

My God, I have no faith

I’m stuck in this fucked up place

(My son, I’m right here next to you)

I try to live and learn

But I still feel the burn

(My son, I’m here for you…)

I’ve spread my love and all my faith

I’ve done it all in seven days

I never thought it would be this way

And I’m still bleeding

So I fall down to pray

But I think I’ve lost my page

(My son, it’s lost in the flames)

Lost in the hands of time

Hands of time take me away to where I want to be

Lead the way because I can’t see the life in me

I was lost in the flames as I screamed

My God, I’ve failed again

I wait for your crushing hand

(My son, I’m afraid it’s too late)

Is this for real?

Save me now


Adrenaline pumping

I’ve got to do something

It’s kind of like, some sort of “disease”

I feel like I’m fine

Slowly rotting my mind

I take the time in my life with ease


This is what I’ve learned

To be

To see

The real me

All that’s said is done

Good luck stopping me because I’ve got the power to go

Don’t need you here

Don’t need you now

Why do I need you anymore?

My life is a game

So get off of my back

No one’s keeping the goddam score


Here come my final ticks of time

Feel need to sweat but not to cry

Reflect upon my recent years

I have no regrets and I have no fears

I’ve always been a pretender

So how will I be remebered?

As I watch my life pass me by

I hold on to strands of time

No need for my insecurity

the universe is one with me

Soon we’ll find a way

Past this blackened day

If what I hear is true

Then take me with you too

Now my eyes grow old and weak

Getting ready for eternal sleep

Here it is just seconds away

Who would have thought I’d die today

I have no fears

I have no lies

Ready to kiss my life goodbye

I’ve never been a pretender

This is how I’ll be remembered

—–Inside My Head

Come into my territory and you’ll feel my pain

Can’t explain these violent feelings deep inside my brain

I’m just trying to think what I should do

I feel like lashing out all over you

In the end I hope you’ll understand me too

These eyes

The fire

Get out of my head

The change


Feel my eyes turn red

My thoughts

My words

Stay inside my head

Come into my territory and you can be my slave

Try to go through what I do and you wouldn’t last a day

Quick to speak before I do and jump into the lead

Have it your way

Now you’ve done it

It’s time to break the peace

Why can’t we just sit back and let it be?

It’s all the same to me

—–Still Life

For every time I have to listen to you scream

I’ll break apart the image of you smiling back at me

Why does it have to be this way?

Don’t expect me to stay

And it seems that all you’ve cared about is slowly washing away

And I’ve become just a stepping stone as all the memories fade

Yet I still let the guilt come over me

I’ll still tell you lies until I die and wonder what is wrong with me

I think I know this feeling but it’s never been so strong

You thought that I forgot about it but it can never feel too long

You take my life into your hands

You like to throw me down then watch me try to stand

I think I have this vision of what will soon be lost

I’m not afraid of you because I know that you are all talk


I’ll find the strength within myself

I can’t hide this fear that I keep inside


I feel the black wind blow

I’m breaking down but it don’t show

My reflection is not looking back at me

Still I try to find a way

To make it through another day

But I’m not who I used to be

I’m a stranger to me

(I’m a stranger to myself, myself and no one else)

And then I find the strength within myself

(And you will never see the strength inside of me)

I wish I could run away

From this war I’m fighting every day

But I think I’ll hide behind my mask

And I think if you could see

What goes on inside of me

You’ll see that I’m not who I used to be

Give me the strength to pull my self up

Give me the strength so I won’t fall down

I tear off my mask

Throw it down to the ground

I walk off again

And I’m never turning around

—–Incomplete Sanity

Barely alive I try to move

One more time and I’ll run you through

For all the grief you’ve given me

I’ll rise again for my will to be

Not even wanting to exist

Just to show you that I’ll persist

This is not my fianl hour

It’s the time of my greatest power

Die to spare your life

We’re here to test our might

I beg my own mercy

We will battle incomplete sanity

I will turn yourself on you

My eyes control your every move

A war with me is a war with you

Scar the land we battle through

Blink an eye and lose it quick

Down to Hell is your final trip

Beaten down but what’s the sense

Now broken through your last defense

Now begins our time

Let’s resume our fight


She walks alone on a shameful path

That leads to a lonely aftermath

Behind the illusion she tries to hide

Without the freedom to decide

She sits around and wastes her day

On words she’ll never get to say

There must be another way

To live instead of this

You can’t sleep and you can’t dream

You’re wide awake when you are fast asleep

You’ve wasted your entire life

So go ahead and live the lie

Your whole life is a lie


Maybe there is another life

With words that won’t cut like a knife

No more image to defend

When the whole world comes to an end

She won’t have to prepare

For those who wouldn’t even dare

To talk or laugh or care

About the way she looks